Rental of chillers (refrigeration units), complements and accessories for all your cooling needs

Chiller rental for civil and industrial use

We rent for civil and industrial use of:

  • Chiller
  • Gruppi Frigoriferi

  • Refrigeratori d’Acqua
  • Pompe di Calore reversibili (PdC)
  • Condizionatori
  • Mini Chiller
  • Condizionatori di precisione

  • Rooftop – Roof Top in Pompa di Calore

  • Roof Top in Pompa di Calore

  • UTA Unità di Trattamento Aria

  • Deumidificatori

  • Accessori e Complementi per il Raffrescamento e Condizionamento – Civile e Industriale.

Our chillers

The 2RS rental chillers complete with on-board hydraulic pump, applied in the field of civil and industrial air conditioning in combination with AHUs, Air Handling Units, constitute a perfect assembly for temporary systems, as well as for industrial air conditioning, also for air conditioning civil air or air conditioning for events.

Process cooling

The 2RS rental chillers also find their perfect application when they are used in process cooling as they are designed for applications across the most varied user sectors.

The company

2RS Rodini Rental Systems, specialist in chiller rental, offers the best temporary and customized solutions in the field of:

  • cooling,
  • air conditioning
  • process cooling
  • industrial air conditioning

Our knowledge and know-how, combined with renewal and development, are the strengths of our company, highlighted by the study and the speed of response to the specific use needs of the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiller rental work?

Upon receipt of a request, via e-mail or telephone, with the relative details regarding the cooling capacity, the working conditions, the duration of the rental and the location of installation, the chiller with the closest capacity to the required one is identified from the 2RS fleet and the resulting rental offer is sent to the customer.

How much does it cost to rent a chiller?

Renting a chiller has a variable cost depending on the cooling capacity, working conditions, duration of the rental and place of installation, stability of which, a weekly rental rate is proposed. The longer the rental period, the cheaper the weekly rate.

How do I connect the rented chiller to my system?

Once the distance between the chiller and the user is known, pairs of 10m long reinforced rubber hoses are available for hire. 90 ° C certified complete with BAUER quick couplings and a pair of BAUER / flange adapters for connection to the user from which two counterflanges of the same DN will be derived.

Examples of rental needs

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